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  Accelerating Community Employment And Economic Development 

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Welcome to our Home:

JMF Consultants is a growing International network of Community Employment & Economic Development Management Consultants.

We specialize in; ACEED, Accelerating Community EmploymentEconomic Development in communities across cities, states, countries and nations.

We do this through our soon to be franchise called MOCOSA, LLC which will plant   "a seed" or ACEED  worldwide in the form of an in Home/Office IAAPMA or,                  "Independent Amazon Affiliate Publishing & Marketing Agency" .

MOCOSA, LLC, is a digital Mobile Publishing and Marketing Affiliate organization that creates income for Suppliers and it's Affiliates by generating online sales from job roles, job seekers and Consumers via our worldwide networks of home or office based  "Independent Amazon Affiliate Publishing & Marketing Agents". 

Through this network, our Affiliates work on a commission basis to create continuous income for themselves and Suppliers while serving Consumers with our customized, copyrighted and published, self-pace, expert-performance accelerated learning, academics and on-job-training products called OJTware.

These published products use our copyrighted Knowledge Management System and related copyrighted Natural Language called, OJTware. They create residual income from online sales and direct income from live skills training classes in the community from the work performed by People.

With OJTware, we develop Expert Performance of People, Processes and Technology in just 21 days!

In the USA, the total dollar value of hidden income in businesses is estimated at $30 trillion!

It is our objective to enable our Affiliates to get their fair share of this $30 trillion by monetizing this untapped  income-producing assets.

We do this by creating continuous streams of income for our businesses and new employment for our people with work performed at home/office as well as live job training services for consumers in communities worldwide. 

A quote from the National Economic Council report from 2011, states;

"America’s future economic growth and international effectiveness
depend on our capacity to innovate…Innovation – the process by which
individuals and organizations generate new ideas and put them into
practice – is the foundation of American economic growth and national

 Our Mission 

Accelerating Community Employment & Economic Development in Industries, Governments and Communities by using MOCOSA's Franchise and Affiliates training program. Together they produce income and employment from self-paced accelerated learning OJTware which is published for current workers and students  and sold to future workers and the needy worldwide.

Our Vision:

To be known as the #1 catalyst for Accelerating Community Employment & Economic Development  through growth and sustainability created by continuous innovation, new skills and work performance from OJTware publishing and sales worldwide.  

Our Values are:

Integrity, Effectiveness and Efficiency in all we do.

Our knowledge and experience gained from working with organizations in industry, governments and schools for more than 40 years in the IT Industry, enable us to serve clients in any sector of our worldwide economy.   

We're excited about the opportunity of Accelerating Employment & Economic Development for our communities.

With best regards.

Joshua M. Frasier, CEO, MOCOSA, LLC


 ACEED soon to be Franchised!