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About Us

Our founder and President, Mr. Joshua M. Frasier, is a retired, 40 year IT Industry professional who specialized in using technology for capturing and monetizing the IC or knowledge assets of many firms, government agencies and higher education institutions.

Some of these organizations included; IBM, Hoffman La Roche Pharma, Merck & Co, ABC Network, AT&T, Mobil Oil, Bank of New York, Bristol-Meyers, In, Allstate, Insurance, Prudential, ABC Network, Merrill Lynch, College of Medicine & Dentistry, NJ, and others. 

He and his Affiliates now use their knowledge and expertise to manage and market their new franchise called MOCOSA, LLC,  which create income and  employment in communities worldwide from their ACEED Program..

These Affiliates work online and live in the community to develop, teach and publish self-paced learning products called "OJTware . These products are designed to produce expert performance in just 21 days for current and future workers in communities worldwide.

These products are designed to grow and sustain the economies in communities, cities and states while generating continuous value and income for Industries and ongoing employment for all Affiliates and job seekers. 

Feel free to use our contact form for more information or to request our brochure that describes our technology and services for Accelerating  Community Employment and Economic Development. 

We look forward to working with your organization.

J. M. Frasier, President

JMF Consultants